Here is a recent love letter from the month of June.  Would you love to receive a monthly love letter like this?  You can, it’s easy, just opt in on the above form.  Much love, joy and peace.

Dearest One,
Amazing GRACE, how sweet the sound.  The sound of your name has delighted us since before you were born, beautiful one.  We have known you for an eternity, dear heart and you bring joy to us.  It is our honor to cleave to you as you move through your life here on Earth.  Know that you are never alone.  We are always just a breath away.  All you need do is to call and we are at the ready.

Grace, God’s goodness flows to you now.  All you need do it open to receive the amazing grace from the Divine.  Feel it now…delight in the knowing that indeed all is well and you are uplifted, supported and held with so much love.  There is nothing that you have done  or neglected that could change this eternal truth.

This love letter is a gentle reminder to look for the amazing grace that shows up in your life.  It is everywhere.  You deserve it all, dear one.

Another reminder of God’s grace is that we angels, the messengers of God are with you every second of every day, we are closer than your heart and breath.  Just call upon us and we are here ready and willing to assist.  No request is too small or too large.

With so much love and light,
Your Angels

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