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Hello dear one and Welcome to Angel Angles with Janette Stuart.

I am grateful and honored to share the beautiful work of the angels.  The angels are God’s messengers.  There is so much love, joy and peace for us.  How may I be of service to you dear one?

I’m Janette Stuart and Angel Angles is my joyous work in the world.  My services as angelic practitioner include being an Emisssary of Joy, angelic channel of Divine love, a certified angel card reader, an author of the “On a Path of Joy” book series (available worldwide on Amazon and my website), writer and core blogger for The Wellness Universe.

I am also a contributing writer for My Authentic Life magazine. I have also created my own deck of inspirational card deck called “Love Notes from the Divine”  which are now available on Amazon and PayPal You can view images of my products below.

Here’s to you.  May your heart be gladdened, your joy more profound and your soul steeped in extra love.

Blessings of love, joy and peace.

Recent Events 
Hope you were able to join us on Sun. Jan. 7, 2018 at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET for the FREE 2018 Happy New You Celebration as I presented “Your Path of Joy” Registration was Required.
For more information, a list of the expert presenters and schedule Check It Out Now

Here’s my recent video interview with Shari Alyse of The Wellness Universe where we talk about my work, angels, life and all kinds of goodness


With Love,


Celebrate Today. You are Loved.

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