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Oh, this will be a fun six-week journey for us to ignite our level of joy and light up our lives.  Thank you for saying yes to you.  Thank you for tuning in and listening to your inner nudges.  To start off our journey, we’ll begin with our own ultimate guide to JOY.  


Here's my one minute welcome video, dear one.  I'm so excited about our Joy Journey.

Your Ultimate Guide to JOY

Joy is a journey, not a destination.  How often have we put off feeling or expressing joy for just the “perfect moment” or experience?  I believe joy can be found each and every day, even amidst dire circumstances.  Why do I believe that experiencing joy during difficult times is possible?  It is because I have experienced joy during difficult times, myself.  I have seen joy in the midst of sorrow, pain and suffering because I was looking for and open to experiencing joy.  

I believe we can each create our own ultimate guide to joy.  

What is joyful for you may not be joyful for me.  Today, I invite you to consider three things that bring you joy.  Think about the last time you felt joy. What were you doing?  Does doing that still bring you joy?  Have you thought of three things that bring you joy?  If so, great.  Those three things will be the beginning of your own ultimate guide to joy.  List those three things in a notebook, in your journal, on paper or on your electronic device.  You can even print out this document and write on the back or in the margins.  It is your journey of joy.  You do what lights you up.  This will be step one of your ultimate guide to joy.  

If you are looking for some ideas, here are a few joyful prompts:

  • Thinking about a loved one

  • Spending time with a pet

  • Spending time in nature

  • Creating something beautiful

  • Eating a favorite meal

  • Reliving a favorite experience

  • Daydreaming about or getting away to a favorite destination

  • Spending the day in your pj’s

  • Listening to music that fills your heart with joy

  • Watching a favorite movie

I believe joy is a divine gift.  

I believe we can all experience joy if we allow it into our lives.  Joy was my focus word for 2016.  The more I focused on joy, the more joy I found.  I was using the Law of Attraction principle that thoughts create our reality; the good news is you can too, dear one.  

If we want more joy, we must focus on more joyful thoughts.  I also believe joy is an amazing self-care practice.  Have you ever thought of mindfully selecting your thoughts as an act of self-care?  

Not only does it benefit you, it benefits those with whom you come in contact.  Your joy can be a wonderful gift to the world.  

Just for fun, and in case you need a visual reminder that you are entitled to live a joy-filled life, I am including a permission slip which you can print out and add your name to as step two of your ultimate guide to joy.  

You can ask God and your angels for help in allowing more joy into your life.  

Step Three of your ultimate guide to joy is to list where you found joy and why it brought you joy, today and for the next week.  This will help shift your focus to more joy as you create your own ultimate guide to joy.  

As a recap, here are the steps in creating your ultimate guide to joy:

  1. List three things (or more) that bring you joy

  2. Create a permission slip, or use the one provided, as a fun reminder to allow more joy in your life

  3. Each day list where you found joy and what about it was joyful

Optional and Encouraged - Come join in our secret Facebook Group Join us here and you can share, ask questions and meet your fellow joy travelers.  

Another important consideration is to select where we are in our joy journey as a starting place and we’ll check in periodically along the way and again at the end of our journey.  This way, we can track our level of growth along the way.  


Here’s my “Joy-o-Meter” that I think will be helpful for us.  I’ve based the “Joy-o-Meter” on the Emotional Guidance Scale from the book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks: The Teachings of Abraham®

Using the “Joy-o-Meter” scale above, where would you rate yourself as your regular level of joy as you begin this class?

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