Angel Reading PLUS 4 Paperback Devotionals Holiday Bundle

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angel reading plus 4 print devotionals.jpg

Angel Reading PLUS 4 Paperback Devotionals Holiday Bundle

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In this Holiday Bundle you will receive a one-hour Angel Reading from me PLUS all four of my 31-day devotionals in paperback. **Please note instructions below.

Angel Reading

Angel readings with Janette are a gentle, beautiful way for you to connect and receive guidance from God’s divine messengers; your angels. It’s like having a warm, inviting conversation with a trusted friend or loved one.

You will leave feeling uplifted, surrounded and filled with love. You will receive a loving, individualized and confidential session via phone or  in-person with special arrangements. Janette uses a variety of oracle cards to enhance the divination process during the reading.

She has developed her own inspirational card deck "Love Notes from The Divine" which are divinely inspired images and messages. 


Enjoy four months of daily devotionals in this Holiday Bundle!

Each 31-day devotional includes daily channeled messages from the Angels and is meant to delight your heart and increase your level of Joy. Each day’s devotion includes a beautiful, full-colored photo for your viewing pleasure.

On a Path of Joy is meant to enhance your spiritual practice and help you rekindle your soul’s longing and desire.

**Please note: You will be prompted to fill out your name and email address. Please make sure to add your information so that I can contact you to schedule your Angel Reading with me.