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To be, is to exist purely in the present moment. The ability to savor the now for the glorious gift that it is. The present moment, which I strive to recognize, appreciate and dwell in. Not wishing my life away, nor rehashing the past but savoring the only moment there is, the now. Amidst the hurry, scurry of the world, I can just be. It is a peace that passes understanding – it is a knowing – a freedom – a gift from God, the ability to just be.

No matter what is occurring around me or with me, I can choose to rise above and just be.

To be is to have detachment from the outcome of whatever is occurring in my world. It is the faith in God that no matter what, I am Divinely loved and cared for. In that knowing, I am free to just be.

Love, Janette Angel Angles Sept. 30, 2015