In our heart of hearts, we have a deep, ancient wisdom or knowing. It is there in all of us, and you can choose to tap in and find it. This knowing is our souls experience thru the ages. We try all sorts of creative ways to drown out this knowing because we are afraid of what it might reveal to us. The truth is, this knowing is anything but scary. God only wants us to have a joy filled life and yet we may be fearful that if we listen to our knowing it may say something extreme like, “sell all of your earthly possessions and move to a third world country and be miserable.” Although it may be your joy to move to a third world country; and in that case by all means, listen to your inner knowing. The truth is, God created us to be in a Divine relationship with Him. God seeks only for you to have love, joy and peace in life; not misery.

How to tap in to the knowing? By getting still and asking God to open your awareness to your inner knowing. Ask that you can easily and clearly attune to your inner wisdom or knowing. Once you tune in – listen, receive and do what you are directed to do. You are a wise soul dear one. You are made to commune with God and savor Heaven’s goodness. And so it is.

With love,


Angel Angles