Explore - Where would you go, what would you do if nothing held you back?


Last year I retired on May 1st and I chose the word of that month as explore.  To bravely venture out from the world of full time employment from the past 36 years and to explore possibilities with an adventurers heart.  That was going to be a huge area for me to explore.  What was it I wanted to do?  What did I want to experience?  What did I want to explore?  How did I want to feel?  These were all questions that I sought to answer.  As being an Administrative professional during my entire career, I knew the first step for me was to make a list of potential places to explore, people to visit, adventures to be had.  I have always gained great satisfaction from creating a list and checking off items completed.  I also knew I wanted to do my souls work and didn’t know where that would take me, so in faith I set out to explore. 

I put that list on my refrigerator where I’d see it often.  Every single item was checked off the list as I reviewed it last month.  Every single item I wanted to explore and more transpired.  WOW!  I believe it is time for me to make a new list for this year. 

I love to set an intention for each day and for each project I consider.  Setting an intention for me points me in the right direction, sets my bearing and also calls in the wonderful support of the Universe using the Law of Attraction.  I also send love and light ahead of me as I go to an event, travel, or begin a new project. 

I bravely began my souls work by launching my business Angel Angles last May.  The mission is to spread love, joy and peace into the world.  I am a certified angel card reader and offered my services to the world.  Baby step, by brave baby step I set about to explore what opportunities were available to me to spread more love, joy and peace into the world.  I started with a Facebook page.  I began with 7 followers, soon it grew to 14, then 70.  Now one year later, Angel Angles has a following of over 13,000 on Facebook.  I am so grateful to God and my heavenly team in making that happen.  I also launched a beautiful website www.angel-angles.com which showcases some lovely quotes, images and blogs.  I also began to explore other options such as memberships, taking inspiring courses and meeting likeminded souls. 

Personally, we did several trips to nearby states and I am so grateful for the gift of family and friends in my life.   There is still so much I want to explore.  I think I’ll begin that new list today. 

What is it you wish to explore dear one?  You can start out with items large or small.  I invite you bravely today to take a small baby step to explore something you have wanted to for a while.  Trying something new is so good for our body, mind and spirit.  Even trying something as simple as a new recipe or restaurant can catapult you forward in your quest to explore your world.

Even trying something as simple as a new recipe or restaurant can catapult you forward in your quest to explore your world. 

May you be blessed with love, joy and peace as you explore your world.