Trusting, Listening and Taking Inspired Action


Today we were taking our usual daily walk in the neighborhood.  As we walked, I received an inner prompt from my angels that said to walk a different route. I have learned to trust this voice. It comes to me as a little thought or idea, it feels wonderful and all I need to do is take inspired action. I had asked to receive divine guidance and when I get it, I want to be sure to act upon it. So we walked beyond our normal turning point and stepped forward in faith, taking inspired action, trusting, listening and believing. These walks are physical exercise for my dog and I, and take on the form of a walking meditation also quite often for me. I get some of my best ideas and inspiration as I allow them to come forward.  We continued on our merry way, enjoying the coolness of the August day. I thought we might turn at another block initially and felt the guidance to keep going. So keep going we did.

As we come to another turning point, I was guided to turn and so we did. There was a family out in the front of their house and I said good morning. The woman replied to me and said what a beautiful dog I had, what a lovely coat, and that he was big for a boxer. All of this during the course of a few seconds. I proceeded along and at the intersection of her property and the next house, I saw a mound of pennies on the sidewalk. Pennies from Heaven!  I said to the woman, there are pennies out here, are they yours? She said, no, she was just out there and didn’t see any money on the ground and that they were mine.

During these few seconds, I pondered should I just keep walking? Do I really want to stop to pick up pennies off the ground in front of 4 adults? What will they think? I also pondered the fact that I have been asking my angels for signs of abundance in my life, and this is one of the most common ways they give us signs in the form of coins along our path. I felt I must honor myself and my request, and accept these pennies for the divine gift they were. I said to the family, “I’m rich” and then I bent down and scooped up every penny.

I smiled the rest of the way home and thanked God and my angels for the abundance they showered upon me. I couldn’t wait to get home and count the pennies and see how many there were. I also received their guidance to count the pennies and then look up that numbers meaning in my angel numbers book.

Doreen Virtue, PhD, created a book called “Angel Numbers 101” which lists the meaning of numbers 0-999. I looked up the meaning of the number 34 and it states “Your prayers are heard and answered by the angels and ascended masters, who are with you right now.”

What a beautiful gift of abundance and encouraging message I received because I: 1. Asked for signs from my angels 2. Listened to the whispers they were sending me 3. Took inspired action by following their guidance 4. Acted in faith knowing their message was for me 5. Received the message and trusted it was for me 6. Acted in faith even when 4 adults were watching me pick up money off the sidewalk 7. Received the abundance 8. Rejoiced and celebrated all the way home and now even hours later I am so grateful

Finally, I delighted in the receiving so much, I took a photo of the pennies and posted it on social media and wrote this blog to encourage others to listen to the guidance they receive, especially if it is something they ask for. It may arrive in a different form than expected.

I am so grateful. I am open to receive the abundance flowing to me now. And so it is. Visit for more inspiration. Love, Janette Angel Angles