Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life



A while back, my friend Becky and I hosted our first live event called "Your Path of Joy" in Castro Valley, CA. It was a JOY.  

One of the things we spoke of was slowing down the pace of life and savoring the present moment. We also spoke of leaving the past behind, being at peace and having patience. All of these things enhance our sense of well-being and lead to more peace.  

“All is well, lovely one. There is no need to rush. There is only peace.”

This mantra is a lovely message from the Divine to remember. It's perfect to recite when you are feeling rushed, stressed or impatient.  

I can feel the soothing voice of the angel whisper this mantra to me. Can't you almost feel their loving embrace?!  

May you bask in the knowledge that all is well lovely one. There is no rush. There is only peace. And so it is.  

Blessings of love, joy and peace,


Book of Positive Aspects

positive aspects.jpg

Create your own Book of Positive Aspects.  

This practice invites you to get a blank notebook and to list in it on the top of a page the topic you are going to list the positive aspects. You can choose something, someone, an event, a destination… You can begin by making a list of someone or something you always feel wonderful about when you consider them. You can also make a list of positive aspects about a person or situation that does not always feel good when you consider them.  

The result of this exercise is that it literally improves the situation you are listing using the powerful Law of Attraction. After doing this practice, I noticed that a coworker who I had ill will towards no longer bothered me. That was huge! Was it the person that changed or was it my practice? I know it was my practice.  

*Please see this week’s workbook (link in sidebar) for a page on creating your own Book of Positive Aspects.

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