The Voice of God

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Where do you retreat in order to focus on hearing the Voice of God? I am able to best hear these Heavenly messages in the stillness of the night as I am aroused from sleep with the tender nudging of my angels to awaken, arise and retreat with an open heart to a favorite comfortable spot in my home. I always feel good in this little nook of our home, next to some precious objects which inspire and invigorate me. I allow the goodness to come forth to me and bless me. I am receptive and willing to hear this Divine message from God and my angels.

Here I quietly contemplate, feel the immense Love and allow the thoughts and knowing percolate into my very Being. Oh what Divineness this gift is. I am also blessed with Heavenly guidance again while in nature. Oh how the ever changing sky inspires and invigorates me. It feels like Divine communion with God. I am so grateful for this positive, Divine gift.

Walking at the shore is also an inspirational place to receive Heaven’s messages. It is a precious gift to enjoy the beauty of a sunset and admire God’s handiwork. The open space allows me to receive perspective about my life challenges, petty annoyances and my relative smallness in the grand scheme of things. The “thing” is only a small thing.

Oh the Love that flows to me from the Heavens. My joy is to shine this loving light out again into the world, to reflect God’s amazing love for us all.

Allow me, Oh God, to be open and receptive to your immense Love and Divine messages that you send through various means including your Divine Messengers - Your Angels. And so it is.