Metaphoric Construction, Remodeling or Deconstruction

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I have been watching with great interest the progress of a new fire station under construction in our neighborhood.  The current fire station is woefully undersized and seismically unsound. Its proximity to an earthquake fault here in California is a matter of public safety. 

The firefighters’ and their equipment must be properly housed so that they may respond when an emergency arises.  As I walk past the construction frequently, the correlation between this physical project and my own inner work has touched my heart and soul with the beauty of this metaphor, this metaphoric construction. 

My self-growth, my inner work, my transformation also known as my metaphoric construction. This particular project required the purchase of two adjacent large residential properties, one of which was in a state of neglect and blight.  Public notice, environmental impact studies, needs assessments, plans and permits…were all needed so that the new facility would comply with all regulations and meet the needs of the community for many years to come. 

There is much activity needed before things change from an outsider’s perspective.  In this case, deconstruction of valuable resources from within the residential structures was done.  Items of value which were able to be reused or recycled where removed prior to the demolition. 

The foundation of the project is the most important for without a proper foundation the walls and roof will not be supported properly and will fail.  The infrastructure of underground utilities is a messy undertaking.  Inclement weather stalls the construction process or brings it to a halt altogether.   These metaphors of a proper foundation and infrastructure are crucial.  We don’t want shoddy materials, poor workmanship or other hazards in our project. 

During my own spiritual “metaphoric construction, remodeling and demolition project”, similar events took place.  The digging up and laying of the new infrastructure was messy and difficult.  It required research, planning and sometimes a remedy to adjust an unforeseen circumstance. 

Questions arise such as, how do I get rid of this item or how do I remedy this situation?  The knowing of what of value to keep and what to get rid of takes a lot of effort.  It was inconvenient and often as we and others who are affected by the project wonder if the actual results will be worth all the hassle.  Yes, beloved one, let me assure you that all of the hassle, messiness, inconvenience and expense is well worth the effort as you make big changes internally during your metaphoric construction. 

Gratefully, I have a wonderful support team of my divine creator and heavenly team on my side cheering me on.  Loving, supporting and inspiring me to shine brighter, reach higher, stretch and keep moving in the direction of what it is I desire. 

When you dig deep, you often times uncover some surprises.  The best laid plans often require adjustments or change orders to address these unforeseen matters.  The majority of the work is done behind the scenes, underground or internally which won’t be seen once the project is complete.  This is true with our inner work, the results show on the outside as a result of the planning, infrastructure, hard work and fine workmanship of all of our efforts. 

Here are some items I wanted to consider for my own metaphoric construction project. 

1.      What limiting beliefs did I hold which I wanted to let go of?

2.      What felt too small in my life?

3.      Where there any “walls, boundaries, limitations”, relationships, habits… that I needed to consider changing?

4.      This is the time to look at everything and how it suits your lifestyle, you don’t want to “finish” the project only to reopen it up the following month/year because of some major omission.

5.      What is my budget?  Think resources, time allocation, support

6.      Who is on my team?

7.      What do I want the final product to look like?

Let me remind you dear one, that construction is slowed or stopped due to various factors such as weather, material shortages, labor disputes, holidays…remind yourself to move at a pace that feels right for you.  Allow yourself grace on some days when you just want to rest and rejuvenate.  Do it, it is part of the process.  Also, celebrate when you have completed a phase of your inner work.  Treat yourself like the fabulous creation you are. 

Do you have a list of resources such as books you want to read, groups you want to join, and classes you want to take as you undergo your metaphoric construction project?  Find someone who is doing what it is you desire and ask your divine team to show you how to do the same in your own unique style. 

Once the planning and infrastructure is complete, the actual construction of the structure takes shape quickly.  This phase nearing completion is also visible by others who are paying attention.  You may receive comments about your metaphoric construction at this point.  Things about you appear different to others, you are different to others, you are different to yourself, you are a better, and more improved you. 

I invite you precious one next time you are see a construction project underway to consider its correlation to your own inner work or metaphoric construction project.  May your metaphoric construction project bring you the desired results you seek.  I am sending you so much love and support as you make the changes that you desire. 



Angel Angles