Your Internal Joy-ometer

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Good morning precious one. We love this special time with you each day. During this quiet and stillness of the morning it is easier to hear our messages. You have a special place in the world and you are loved, protected and cared for by so many Heavenly hosts that if you saw how many, you would never be concerned for anything again.

It’s really that simple. All you need do is ask for our help and it is given. Believe and it is yours, ask and it shall be given. You have such a large capacity of love and use your gift each day. Your green smoothies are an excellent enhancement to your health regime. We love how you are taking care of your precious body. We love how you seek to find the joy and happiness in life when it could be easier to give up and complain.

You dear one, are a gem - we love how you are seeking a higher connection with God and the angels by focusing on your internal joy-ometer. When you can find the joy that is when you are inspired or “in-spirit”, that’s when you are closest to God, to Source and when you feel the absolute love that is the center of all creation. That is your destiny; that is your goal.

It really is so simple, yet humans can complicate it so by worry, doubt, fear and ruminating over what is wrong or what is lacking. You are on a Divine path. Seek and Ye Shall Find. Ask and it shall be given and love will come showering down.

This morning when you awoke, you were given the memory of the song that started you on your Divine path as a small child. “This Little Light of Mine.” It might be interesting for you to do some research on the writer of that song and how it came about. We love it when you are in a receptive state and easily and freely and gratefully receive our gifts. This is your mission, one step at a time. You can do this.

You have an incredible gift to share with the world. Shine on dear one, shine on. You are reflecting God’s magnificence flowing thru you in service to others. We Love You. You are precious, you are worthy, you are enough, and you are creating a magical life for yourself in service to others.

And so it is.