The Delights of a Cup of Tea

Copy of tea.jpg

Every once in a while, I savor a leisurely late afternoon cup of tea and it is such a delightful experience.  It awakens a feeling of a prior lifetime where I enjoyed tea on a regular basis.  In a country like Scotland.

It is a simple pleasure, a delight to luxuriate in the act of sitting, sipping and savoring.  It is a time to ponder, to reflect and to dream.

Whether I use my china tea set for one or a comfortable mug, the delight is equal.  I relish this time, to listen to the wind chimes dancing in the breeze.  I steep in the gratefulness of my spirit which allows me to delight in the simplicity of the act.  I am grateful for my health, my home, my life and where I am now in that life.  Today is a gift.  This simple cup of tea is a gift.

Truly, the simple delights of my heart are priceless.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Perhaps you’d like to join me in the celebration of the delights of a cup of tea soon.  May your heart be blessed.


Angel Angles