The Gift of Pets

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I have been blessed during the course of my life to have had the gift of several wonderful, loving pets. They have ranged from fish, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, cats and dogs. It’s likely pets have touched your life also or that you are considering bringing a pet into your life. As I write this, my loving dog Spike is by my side. He is my faithful companion during much of my days now that I am retired. We have had him almost two years. He is a rescue dog; and who rescued whom remains to be seen. He sees to it that we get our long walk in each day. Good for him, good for me. Great fun for the two of us together.

A neighborhood stray kitty found her way into our lives on a day I especially missed our former dog, who we had almost fourteen years before his passing. We are not usually “cat people” but oh how she warmed my heart from the beginning. Little by little, she also warmed her way into my husband’s heart too. He had never had a cat to love before. He even made her a little shelter in our backyard which she used every night. It was her gentle, loving welcome that helped me through some of the darkest days and nights of my brother’s illness and passing. Caring for her and being cared for by her was mutually therapeutic. The benefit of sharing our feelings without words when my world was rocked to the core, was a balm to my soul. There were often no words adequate enough to express my sorrow; but oh how she understood and comforted me more thoroughly than any human was able to.

Pets teach us so much about unconditional love, unbridled joy, living in the moment, love, responsibility, devotion and also how to experience illness and death. Even after they are gone, they help us learn to heal. Often times, once the grief process is complete, we are ready to bravely begin the cycle once again. This cycle of life with our pets prepares us for the human cycle of life.

Pets to me, are angels put upon this Earth to teach us these many important lessons. They are Heaven’s gifts for us of giving and receiving love. They are some of our greatest teachers and companions.

Perhaps you are considering welcoming a pet into your home. It is a lifetime commitment and if you are ready, there are many options of rescuing pets through organizations and shelters near you. You may want to consider that option.

Sending you and your beloved pet(s) so much love.


Angel Angles