Making Monday Marvelous

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For many years I have felt that Monday has received a bad reputation. People are always very happy and excited for Friday and the start of the weekend and this feels quite unfair to Monday. Monday makes up 14% of our week and do I really want to dread that much of my life?

Often time, people start to get bummed out on Sunday for the Monday return to work or school. Do I really want to sacrifice being happy on Sunday, worrying about Monday? We all know that we are not assured the gift of another day. Life is fragile and is such a precious gift.

Instead of worry and negativity about Monday, I’d prefer to spend the energy productively and consider what I could do in Making Monday Marvelous. I felt that on Monday I usually was rested from the weekend and excited for the start of a new work week. I was usually happy to get to work, thankful for my job and happy to see my coworkers. Please note, that usually, this was my sentiment, not always.  We all have days that could be better, usually, those are short lived for which I am so grateful. I was thankful for all the goodness that my job provided to me and my family.

My enthusiasm for Monday was not shared however by my coworkers, friends or family members. I have shared my opinion of the virtues of Monday and received varying looks of disbelief and comments, seldom favorable. There are many songs about Monday, and none of them extol the virtues of the day. However, there are plenty of songs about Friday and the weekend which praise the day(s).

I believe that our intentions predict our future outcome and that if I felt Monday was going to be marvelous, it usually was. I was co-creating my future by Making Monday Marvelous. Conversely, if I felt Monday was going to be terrible I usually received a terrible day.

My hope is that by a slight shift of perspective you too can come to embrace Monday. Let’s consider living in the now and enjoying all the days that we are given. That you too can be a fan and help raise the level of awareness in your corner of the world that you too are “Making Monday Marvelous.”

Here are some suggestions in Making Monday Marvelous

  • Lay out as much as possible the night before (clothes, necessary items, food…)

  • Leave the house early to allow for a less stressful commute

  • Plan a special snack or beverage

  • Buy yourself flowers

  • Have lunch with a friend

  • Take a walk on your break and count your blessings

  • Listen to a favorite song

  • Wear an outfit which makes you feel beautiful

  • Spend 10 minutes doing something which you love

  • Do something which makes you laugh (You Tube video)

  • Write a love letter to yourself or someone else special

  • Pray and ask for assistance with your intention in Making Monday



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