Forgiveness is a Gift You Give to Yourself


Dear Beautiful One,

If there is forgiveness that needs to take place in your life, know that it is for your ultimate good and benefit.  The other party need not even know about it. 

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself and it creates a healing in you, for you.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are condoning the behavior or action, nor does it mean the other party matters more than you.

Forgiveness means you are no longer going to be carrying that burden of hurt from your past into your future for another day.  You will give that hurt to God who will heal it; that you may leave it behind. 

You are strong enough with God’s help to leave that hurt behind.  It belongs in your past, don’t allow the hurt from the past to ruin another day of your life.  Leave it behind, beautiful one.  All you need do it ask for God’s help. 

A helpful exercise is to write a letter to the person (do NOT give or mail it to them.)  Write this letter with as much pure rage, language, emotion, tears and hurt as you have inside, get it all down on paper.  Let it all out. 

Once that letter is written, safely burn it and release all the pain and hurt you have inside.  It is gone, you are healed.  You are strong enough to heal it today.  All you need do is ask for God’s help and believe His help is possible.  And so it is dear one. And so it is. 

With so much love,


Angel Angles