Peace be Upon You


Oh dear one, we see that you anguish frequently over world events of which you have no control.  You can ask for God’s help and assistance to give you peace and comfort and to help you detach your precious energy from those events which anguish your soul.  You can send your love to that situation and ask that the cords which tether you to that negativity be severed with God’s grace and favor.  The best thing you can do for yourself and the situation is to send your love and move forward in faith.   Sending your love in prayerful contemplation is sending the power of the Universe and Divine love to magnify your blessing to all concerned. 

Focus on that which brings peace into your heart.  It is unique for each person.  It could be through artwork, dance, nature…only you know what that is for you.  Focus on that, knowing that what you focus upon expands.  Focusing upon peace makes peace grow for you and for all of us.  Focusing upon the event, makes fear expand and that is not the way to bring peace forth.  The world needs you to shine your light from a place of joy so that others may be blessed by it and find their own peace.  What brings you joy not only expands your joy factor in the world, it helps us all.  When you are joyful you help those around you who benefit from your higher level of vibration.  You raise them up just by living your bliss.  You are more powerful than you know, you touch more lives than you can imagine.

May you do that which makes your soul sing, which elevates you and elevates your fellow man.  Shine on dear one.  Peace be Upon You.  You have all of heaven awaiting to assist you at every second – all you need do is ask and it is given.  Since you were created with a free will, you need ask for heaven’s assistance and it is given.  You then need allow it to be received, the answer may come in a different manner than you may expect.  You may hear it in a song, read a passage in a book, and hear the words spoken nearby that are meant just for you.  Be open and receptive to the answer you seek.  The answer always comes – we just need to listen. 

Peace be upon you dear ones, and so it is. 



Angel Angles