Navigating the Sea of the Unknown


Our son is in the United States Coast Guard and this month he began his new assignment aboard a cutter (ship) which he is so excited about.  We are all navigating the sea of the unknown in one respect or another in each of our lives.  His just literally happens to be on a ship.  For some of us, it is with a new job, new relationship, illness, phase of life or similar.  It could be a spiritual, physical or emotional sea of the unknown we are navigating.  With our son’s journey, so many questions were brought to the surface as we prepared with this new experience in his life.  Would he be safe?  Would he be well, free of motion sickness?  Will he enjoy the experience? Will he enjoy the new job?  Will he enjoy the new people? Will he be able to adjust to being upon the sea for such an extended period of time?  All great questions that none of us had the answers to. 

We have a vague idea of where they are going and know long the journey will take and some of the tasks that will take place along the way.  It is a maiden voyage for us all.  Lots of unanswered questions upon this sea of the unknown. 

The only thing I know for sure is that my faith is imperturbable.  I know for certain that God has every situation under His control and that all is well, all the time, even when I don’t like what’s happening, the way it is happening or the timetable.  God will provide, provide health, provide safety, and provide security, goodness and grace.  There will be experiences along the way both good and not so good, adventure on the high seas takes on a whole new perspective, especially when it is my precious cargo along for the ride.

Each of us has an area or perhaps many areas of our life where we navigate unchartered waters and stormy seas upon the sea of the unknown.  What is your “Sea of the Unknown?”  It could be a sea of the unknown in any area of our life. 

We can look back on past life experiences where we successfully navigated the sea of the unknown and build upon those.  Using those as reminders of our magnificence, the knowing that we were divinely loved, protected and guided and where we successfully navigated the sea of the unknown at that point of our lives.  Those past events such as beginning school, learning to drive, new jobs, or new social situations… can give us confidence that whatever the new course we face, we can be successful once again upon this new sea of the unknown. 

Being prepared for the duration of the journey, having the proper supplies, making sure that your vessel is in ship-shape as you know there will be some stormy seas ahead, these precautions will lead to a successful journey upon the sea of the unknown. 

Rest assured beautiful one that the sea of the unknown you face today will be made easier as you keep your eyes on the horizon, look for smooth sailing, knowing that your Divine Creator surrounds you as you chart your course and journey confidently to your destination.  We are blessed to be able to pray for guidance along the way and open to receive the answer which may arrive in a different format than we expect.  The Creator of the Universe is there to assist, love and guide us if only we ask and receive. 



Angel Angles