Let Go and Let God - a Channeled Message of Trusting and Allowing


May this beautiful channeled message of Letting Go and Letting God, bless your heart. 

"We invite you to consider the goodness of the work you do and how Divinely perfect it is just now. 

Someone needs to hear your loving message just now, you are the Light of God which they see through your words and deeds.  You need not worry that the message is not “good enough” or that you are the right one to share it. 

We give you the Divine ideas and inspiration as a gift to you and to the world. 

By taking that idea, that Divinely inspired idea, and taking inspired action upon it, you are magnifying the power and the necessity of your message, whether it is through your artwork, music, writing or speaking. 

We delight and celebrate in you taking this inspired action, sharing your precious gifts with the world, whether it is for one person or one thousand or more, the right audience will receive your message at just the right time.

The less you fuss about it, the better.  You know when you are in a place of forcing or resisting.  Conversely, you can also feel the freedom and exhilaration of being in the flow of creative genius and allowing your gifts to come forth almost effortlessly, with the feeling of joy in the creation. 

The Divine Creator of the Universe is pulsing through you with energetic vigor.  That energy, that excitement is your knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, doing what you are here to do.  That icky feeling of not being enough, good enough, or sure enough is the ego trying to talk you out of shining your brightest, being the real authentic you and sharing your brilliance with the world. 

Today, let that voice of ego, of perfectionism or procrastination take a backseat as you take the reins to letting go and letting God. 

We are with you every step of the way, offering love, support and divine goodness on grace at every turn.  Here's to you beloved as you let go and let God."  


Your Angels of Loving Kindness

p.s. I received the Let Go card twice within 24 hours, once from the Archangel Gabriel card deck and again from the Magical Messages from the Fairies deck (both decks by Doreen Virtue). This message is so important they wanted to make sure I really heeded their guidance, such beauty about Letting Go and Letting God.