Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life


Interview with Becky Wilbur

This week’s interview is with the delightful Becky Wilbur from Whispers of a Wise-Hearted Woman.

I just love Becky’s current guiding mantra:

“Ease in my life, peace in my heart, wellness in my body, gratitude for all, love all around, pause… I feel good.”

Becky’s joy practices are varied and she does different things on different days. She says she “does a lot of different things sometimes.”

Here are some of Becky’s joy practices:

  • Stillness

  • Reading a book

  • Listening to music

  • Start the day dancing

  • Most days shes does energy exercises

  • Journal

  • Creativity: There are so many ways to be creative: baking, vision boards, writing, etc.

  • Wears her joy every day

  • Daily email with three gratitudes that she shares with a group of friends

I hope Becky’s list inspires you to think about adding some variety to your own list of daily practices. And remember, you don’t have to do all of them every day. You can do some of them sometimes, like Becky does.

You can find Becky here:

Facebook: Whispers from a Wise-Hearted Woman

Facebook: Well-Being and Wonder

Website: Well-being and Wonder

Email: beckywilbur@yahoo.com


I'm grateful to share a passage with you today from my book "On a Path of Joy", Vol. Two, Day 30, and may it bless your heart with so much love, JOY and peace.  

I dedicated this edition to the memory of my precious brother, Rob, who passed away from a brain tumor at age 51 in 2012. This book is green in color which is the color of love and healing based on the heart chakra.  

"Being you is a gift to the world. You have your own unique talents, likes and way of moving through the world. Being a friend to yourself is paramount. Being a friend to others is an important way of showing beauty and God’s love to yourself, your friend and to the rest of the world. 

“Thank you, dear one, for being more loving and kind to yourself today. You are so worth it. Treat yourself as a beloved, for indeed, you are a beloved of the Divine. It is truth. And so it is."

Thank you for being a special friend in the world. Blessings as you remember you are a precious friend to yourself and to others.   

I am so much freer if I relinquish my need to control a situation or situations into the arms of the Divine.  

Letting go (and letting God) of expectations increases my sense of joy.

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