Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life



Yesterday, I wanted to feel joyful but I kept finding myself feeling grumpy. Even though I actively practice JOY every day, I have my days of frustration just like we all do.  

Know that it is all part of the journey. The thing that finally helped me was to take a nap. This helped pivot my experience from being grumpy to feeling better after my nap. It also helped to talk to my dear sister. 

On the Joy-o-Meter scale, I was about a 6 while I was grumpy as I was feeling frustration and disappointment. I was able to pivot or shift to a 7 after my nap. I usually rate a 9 or 10. I am so grateful.  

The Process of Pivoting

Pivoting is a process introduced by The Teachings of Abraham® through Esther Hicks and described in detail in the book “Ask and It Is Given”. It is simply realizing you are at a lower point emotionally than where you’d like to be and are willing to take steps to reach that higher vibrational state.  

“Whenever you know what you do not want, you also know even more clearly what you do want, and whenever you know what you do want, you also know even more clearly what you do not want.” Abraham

This contrast, this desire helps you realize a pivot, or shift, is needed to achieve an elevated feeling or vibration. Once you take the focus off what you do not want and focus on what you do want, you are taking action to reach that higher vibration.  

When you are feeling a negative or unwanted emotion, more negativity comes to us. When you are experiencing a feeling that you do not want, ask yourself, what is it that I do want? Little by little, by focusing upon what you do want, you shift or pivot your point of attraction and raise your vibration. You can see this process as a gradual shift in your perspective and enjoy the positive results that are sure to follow. It is law, the Law of The Universe: The Law of Attraction.  

Often, the easiest way to pivot is during a period of sleep since we are not resisting during sleep. I notice a huge benefit even after a short nap. I also experience a huge shift or pivot point following an enjoyable event such as a walk out in nature or dancing to a favorite happy song that raises my vibration and thereby lowers my resistance.  

I invite you to begin making this a process to use to elevate your own vibration to a more positive and joyful level.

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