Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life


let go let god.png

You have heard the saying, Let Go and Let God.  I like to think I do that easily, but it is a struggle.  I find myself holding on and trying to control the outcome of the situation even when I have asked for Divine assistance.  

My word of the year is TRUST.  I realize I am not trusting God fully when I try to control the outcome of a situation I have released into the hands of the Divine.  

I am so much freer if I relinquish my need to control a situation into the arms of the Divine.  

Letting go (and letting God) of expectations increases my sense of joy.

wishing you peace.jpg

Peace is such a delicious compliment to joy. 

Peace is such a luscious feeling.  It makes you feel light, carefree, loved, protected and balanced.  God wants us to feel the peace that passes understanding as we move through our days. 

Today, your invitation is to take a few moments in quiet contemplation and ask God to infuse you with Divine peace right where you are.  Our job is to open to receive and allow the peace to flow to us.  May the peace surround, uplift and fill you with so much goodness and grace.

We are completing our first week of JOY together.  I am so grateful you said yes to you, yes to joy, yes to extra goodness and grace.  

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