Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life


This week, we’ll delve a bit deeper and go back… way back to when you were a young child.  What did you love to do as a kid that brought you joy? It’s ok if you don’t remember or can’t think of any joyful events from the past.  

Start by gathering an image of yourself as a child. It can be a photograph or a drawing or representation of a young you.  

I’m including a photo of me from kindergarten, circa 1965.  This photo was in black and white because color was so expensive.  The rest of my school photos were in color.  I remember this outfit well.  It was a dark green corduroy jumper and a light green ruffled shirt.  

We each still have this precious inner child within, waiting to be tended to, to be loved, to be nurtured.  I love to have this photograph handy as a reminder to show my inner child some love.  I invite you to embrace your inner child today, dear one.  

Janette as a child.png

List a few items you enjoyed as a child in Your Ultimate Guide to Joy binder we created yesterday.  (You’ll find corresponding worksheets in the Ignite Your Joy Workbook for this week, which is linked in the left sidebar.)

Now, what did you love to eat or drink as a child?  List a few favorites.

Your inner child is seeking attention, won’t you show her some love today? 

girls playing 2.jpg

Just for the fun and just for the JOY of it, treat yourself to a favorite childhood activity, meal, snack, drink or all of the above.  Consider this your self-care assignment and EnJOY.  

Earlier this year, while being interviewed for a podcast, I was asked about losing our sense of joy in our lives. Why does it happen and how can we find our joy?  

I feel that we are conditioned to become "responsible adults" and that the fun and games of youth are frowned upon as we try to mold ourselves into what we believe a "responsible adult" should do, be and say.  We try to conform to society's example of a responsible adult and lose our zest and joy for life in the process.  

I remember specifically entering Jr. High and thinking how I needed to act grown up and let my childish ways of fun and games go by the wayside.  I remember feeling "Now that I am a woman, I need to ACT like one."  

Those were some tough years.  Perhaps they were tough for you too, dear one.  

girl playing ukulele.jpg

What is your inner child hungry for or craving to do today?  

Here's an invitation from the angels using my inspirational card deck "Love Notes from The Divine", they want you to consider being playful.  "Beloved, the time is right for you to make time for play today."  

playful angel card.jpg

Will you listen to the wisdom of the angels and your inner child today?  Even a few moments of childlike pleasure/wonder can increase your level of joy.  

Here's a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread with the crusts removed. 

  • Take yourself to the park and swing or go down the slide

  • Color (there’s a coloring page in your workbook)

  • Read a book from childhood you cherished

  • Build yourself a fort and take a nap in it

  • Have a tea party or play dress up

  • Watch a movie or show you loved as a kid

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