Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life


Interview with Shari Alyse

Our first week’s interview is with the lovely Shari Alyse, Co-Founder of the Wellness Universe.

Shari believes that joy is inherent in who we are and it’s like a “ticklish spot” that is always there and just needs for something to trigger it. I love how she describes this!

Shari’s cointued practice to “tickle” her joy is getting out in nature every morning for 1-2 hours.

Here’s what I do to tickle my joy each day:

I connect with the Divine, either in quiet time or our daily meditation walk (usually both) which delights my soul.  I am always on the lookout to see what is right in my world and find the beauty to tickle my joy.  I used to walk around my neighborhood with a different perspective…why don’t they mow/water their lawn?  Why don’t they take care of their home, possessions… I also love to write and write every day. 

I invite you to think about what you can do that would tickle your own joy.

You can find Shari here at her YouTube channel, Facebook page and her website.

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