Struggle Not

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Dear One, We long to assist you with all of the things you are struggling with if only you will ask for Heaven’s help. Since you are created with free will, our help must be asked for by you. Please ask. We don’t like to see you struggle. You are so precious to us. We will readily come to your aid once you give us the word. No matter is too small nor trivial. Do not worry that by asking for our help or guidance that you are diminishing someone else’s Divine help or assistance. God and the angels are omnipresent. We can give to all without diminishing or depleting our power. Your task is to ask. Ask and allow yourself to receive God’s goodness and Divine Favor.

We Love you dear one. Your Heavenly Angels.

Angel Angles

Thank you God for this beautiful, loving reminder. Why do I think I must do it all myself? Why do I complicate matters or insist on forging ahead without your Divine help or assistance? Thank you again for this wonderful reminder. May I readily remember and act upon it easily and quickly. May it lessen my frustration level and provide ease, love and light upon my day. And so it is.