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For me, the act of allowing is an opening of the heart and a stilling of the mind. It is a conscious act which requires focus. In our busy, noisy world, we must truly “go within” to receive the quietness to hear the Voice of God. That voice is always there… waiting for us to attune to it. That voice, the Voice of God, is always speaking to us.

Some call it their “gut instinct”, “intuition” or “sixth sense.” We must allow this voice to be heard by turning down the volume of life. There is such a din about us, TV, electronics, music… All. The. Time. We can benefit from taking the time to unplug and recharge our spiritual battery and allow the Voice of God to speak tenderly, lovingly and quietly.

The Voice of God is always loving and tender. God and his Divine messengers, His angels, rejoice as you reach out to allow.

Open the door, quiet your mind, and allow God’s loving messages to speak to you through your heart. As you focus upon more clearly hearing the Voice of God, the more easily it is heard. What you focus upon expands.

By listening, we can open the door of allowing so much goodness into our lives. Open and receive.

For our happiness and the happiness of those close to us we must allow them to be the beings they came here to be. We may not always agree with them and that is unimportant. What is important, is to view ourselves and others with the lens that God uses and that lens is love.

Isn’t it wonderful when we are viewed with the lens of love and allowed to be the person we truly are? How wonderful too is that gift of allowing others to be who they authentically are. We would be most God-like if we encourage others to live their calling and find joy in their joy. Allowing them to be who they truly are. And so it is.


Angel Angles