My Trust Manifesto


I created this trust manifesto so that I could better realize what trust wanted me to know. I have selected a word of the year for the past three years.  This focus word helps guide, inform and steer me in the direction I have chosen to go.  In 2016, the word was JOY.  In 2017, it was DELIGHT.  In 2018, it is TRUST. I was hesitant to select TRUST as my word of the year.  Initially, it felt like I was calling forth something scary to occur that I would need trust to navigate through.

Trust didn’t feel as exhilarating to me as Joy or Delight did.  I don’t believe I fully understood what trust was intending for me.  Trust began whispering to me in August 2017 following an auto collision I was involved in.

Shortly before the collision, I was feeling that perhaps I should give up doing the work of my soul.  It didn’t feel like my efforts were making a difference.  I felt I may have been needlessly spinning my wheels.

Trust provided the answers to my feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty.

I began to lean into trust as the days passed.  By the end of the year, I knew I would select trust as my word of the year for 2018.  Trust felt exhilarating; it felt like faith, like walking my walk and talking my talk and shining my big, beautiful light.  Trust felt like my purpose.  Trust felt delicious.

The angels also whispered a motto for the year to me for the first time.  The motto is:  Trust the best is yet to come.  I loved it.  It felt so exciting to receive such a promise at the age of 57 when some are feeling their best days have passed them by.

What did trust want me to know?  What did trust want me to embody?  What did trust want me to exude?  Here is a list of answers that came forth and may it bless you with so much love.

  • I trust in the Divine goodness and grace that comes to me this year.

  • I trust in my Divinity – I am a beloved Child of God.

  • I trust in my gifts, my intuition, which are divine gifts from God.

  • I trust in the Divine guidance that flows to me.

  • I release the desire to hide behind others, for their accolades, acceptance or to play it safe.

  • I rest in God and the knowing that all is well.

  • I listen in trust.

  • I create in trust.

  • I receive in trust.

  • I give with trust.

  • I love with trust.

  • I shine with trust.

  • I speak with trust.

  • I write, filled with trust.

  • I take advantage of opportunities that fill my soul and move me forward in trust.

  • I trust in the gentle whispers.

  • I trust in the joyous “Yes” that rings in my heart.

  • I trust in the many ways abundance shows up in my life this year.

  • I trust in the creative genius that flows to and through me.

  • I trust that my work matters.

  • I trust my wisdom, which is a divine gift.

  • I trust in my angels, guides and teacher of light that uplift, inspire, love and support me at every turn.

  • I trust that my loved ones, friends and acquaintances are supported, cared for and protected by God and the angels.

  • I allow with trust.

My dear friend, Kim Flatland of Love Your SoulSelf, wrote this beautiful affirmation for me and I share it here so that it may bless you, also.

“I trust all I desire is arriving in divine timing.  I trust my intuition.  I am trusting God has a perfect plan for me.  As I trust, others trust in me.  As I trust, I am deeply and joyously connected to myself.  I see evidence of all I trust in.  I trust I am led to opportunities to spread my gifts to a wider audience.”  And so it is.

This year, I have stepped forward in faith, in trust, and have done many things for the first time.  These first-time experiences so far include, participating in an online summit, creating a six-week class on joy, hosting an in-person retreat, doing a talk about connecting with the angels and conducting public angel card readings at an expo.  I had a free class called Joy Master Class: Angelic Guidance for Manifesting Joy on May 10.

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  • Are you looking to increase the level of joy in your life?

  • Are you hoping to find joy even during the challenging circumstances of life?

  • Do you wonder if it’s ok to live a life of joy when so many in the world are suffering?

  • Are you wondering if there is a better, more joyful way to live your life?

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Ignite Your Joy Ecourse

Ignite Your Joy Ecourse

My Trust Manifesto was first published on May 1, 2018 in My Authentic Life Magazine.