Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life



Joyful Items

In today's short video, I'm sharing a few items I have in my home which bring me joy.  

Now it’s your turn. Take a walk around your home and make a list of the items that bring you joy and why they bring you joy. You’ll find a worksheet in this weeks workbook (link to the left).

The Joy of Music

Besides finding joy in the written word, let’s look at joy of the spoken word as in this song by Pharrell Williams “Happy” which always make me feel joy and happiness.    

What are some of your favorite songs to shift you in a more joyous mood just by hearing it play?  Feel free to share in the Facebook Secret Group Join us here.  

Another fun assignment will be to create your own playlist of feel-good music on your device. I’m including a worksheet in this week’s workbook for you to write a list of your favorite feel-good songs.

We’d love it if you’d come to the Facebook Group. Join us here and let us know what JOY you found.