Ignite Your Joy

a four-week journey to ignite your joy and light up your life


Trust is my focus word for 2018. I resisted selecting the word trust because my prior words of the year were JOY and DELIGHT. Trust felt ominous. Trust didn't feel "juicy.” However, trust whispered to me for months.  

I began to think about trust differently. I began to realize by selecting trust as my word of the year I would come to know trust in a new and deeper way.  

The angels gave me the motto for the year "Trust the best is yet to come." That felt so amazing especially at a point in my life when some people stop experiencing joy or feel valued. Retirement, empty nesters, caring for aging parents, grief/loss, caring for younger children or illness can leave us feeling like our better days have passed us by.  

I am here to tell you, I do believe that by trusting, my best is yet to come. I trust in faith.  

I feel faith and trust go hand in hand and there is always some joy to be found.  

I receive divine goodness and grace in trust. I say yes to amazing opportunities in trust.  

Today, my blessing for you on your journey of joy is to ponder trust. Where can you "let go" and trust that  you are being guided, supported, uplifted and held by the divine?  

Perhaps, dear one, you too may think about trust in a whole new way?  


I think it's so wonderful for us to embrace the fact that we are having a human experience in this lifetime. Things are not always easy, fun or joyful. It also gives me a higher sense of appreciation when things are flowing with ease and grace.  

I wanted to share a bit about my motto and how I want to feel in 2018. This is the first year I have selected words describing how I want to feel. Those words are Vibrant, Joyous, Gorgeous and Connected. Here is my motto collage, dear one.  

W3-Wed 2.jpg

This "Vibrant" photograph above was taken by my friend Tera Girardin. She is a photographer and author of her book Faces of Autism which is a beautiful collection of stories and inspiration about amazing children on the spectrum.  

I am happy to report today I am feeling Vibrant, Joyous, Gorgeous and Connected. 

I invite you to think of a word for the rest of this year. It might be a word you’d like to carry forward into 2019. Or you might want to pick a different word for 2019 and that is perfectly okay too.

If you would like help in picking a Word of the Year, Christine Kane has a wonderful and free ebook that helps guide you in choosing your word.

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